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Complat, internet provider in Moscow offers you many advantages:

Individual approach — Complat experts will develop effective solutions for your business

Efficiency — Most of the difficult tasks will be solved just in few days

Attention — We have a professional, 24-hour technical support ready to solve all you needs in a convenient way

Reasonable costs — most of our services has reasonable and flexible price

High quality — Complat network is stable and fully comply with international and Russian telecommunication quality standards

Privacy policy — Customer data are transferred in a dedicated secure network


Complat offers fast and stable Internet connection based on high-speed fibre-optic cable network in Moscow center. Also we offer IP telephony and digital TV .

The main objective of Complat - is the provision of telecommunications services of high quality. The company provides exclusive services: Internet access, digital telephony and digital television. Exclusive means particular range of clients in center of Moscow, high quality services and premium customer service.

Quality service of any ISP depends on reliable technical solutions, high-quality hardware, proven partners and competent technical support. Complat believes the high quality services are the basis for building a successful business and tries to match all of the above parameters. That is why Complat is focused on Customer Service quality.

Complat network is a broadband multiservice network of new generation providing a full range of high quality communications services to telecom operators, corporate customers and houshold users. 

Backbone network is constucted on the basis of data communication protocols: Ethernet, MPLS, IP. Nodes are connected to the backbone by fiber-optic channels on a radial-circular principle with bandwidth - N x Gbit/s.

Customer nodes are connected to the network using Ethernet protocol by 10/20/100/200 Mbit/s channels. If necessary, connection speed can be increased up to 1Gbit/s. Bandwidth capacity, delays, loss rate and other characteristics of data transmision are defined in the Customer agreement. Complat provides quality and reliable services by using fiber-optic cable network infrastructure, high-quality telecommunications equipment and by placing central network nodes at facilities with well-developed communications infrastructure.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and works on the basis of clear and strict procedures approved by company management. Customer service specialists increase there knowledge and use best practices studying them during special trainings and seminars.

If you are interested in fast Internet in Moscow, please send us an inquiry at  info@complat.ru or contact us

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